Free Information Sources on Internet

Major Search Engines: A Web search engine is a search engines    designed to search for information on the World wide Web. Information may consist of Webpages, images and other types of     files.  

      ·         Yahoo:   

       ·        Google:

 ·          Microsoft Live  Search:


 ·          AltaVista:

 ·         Netscape Search:

 ·         Giga blast:

 ·         HotBot:

 ·         Live Search:

 ·         msn:

 ·         Guruji:


Free online Encyclopedia 


          Wikipedia, the

         MSN Encarta: Online Encyclopedia:

·         OpenTopia - Free Online Encyclopedia:

·         The Canadian Encyclopedia

·         Columbia Encyclopedia

·         The Canadian Encyclopedia

·         Infoplease

·         Refdesk

·         Credoreference

·         The Classic Encyclopedia

·         Fact Monster-Online Almanaca, Dictionary and Encyclopedia  


·         Nuttall Encyclopædia of General Knowledge

·         Probert Encyclopedia

·         Factbites: Where results make sense

·         Microsoft Encarta Concise Encyclopedia

·         The New Georgia Encyclopedia

·         Scholarpedia: The free peer reviewed encyclopedia

·         World Desk Reference

·         Educator's Reference Desk 

Internet Resources Newsletter: The free monthly newsletter for academics, students, engineers, Scientists and Social Scientists: 


  Major Directories: A web directory or link directory is a   

       Directory on the World Wide Web. It   specializes in               linking   to    other websites     and categorizing those links.

Free Online Dictionaries

University Libraries of Karnataka

·         Bangalore University library

·         Mangalore University Library

·         Gulbarga University Library

·         Karnatak University Library,Dharwad

·         Kuvempu University Library

·         University of Mysore library

A circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical Knowledge   -Richard Brinsley Sheridan




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