Library Holdings

Books in  U.G. - The library has 56326 books.Library has transferred 7360 books to PUC due to bifurcation. 

Books in P.G.- 2348

No.of Periodicals and Journal and Newspapers- Library subscribes to 43 National and International Journals and 35


No.of Compact Discs and DVD's-  235  in various subjects and 292 Textual CD'S 

No.of Newspaper Clipping Files-36 in various subjects.

Collections Electronic Journals & Books

INFLIBNET -National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content -NLIST (6000+ e-journals  and 30,00,000+ e-books)

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore (RGUHS)-HELINET Database (Proquest Database - 2540 publications & 220 books)

SAGE Publishers :Scholarly journals in Management 

Down to Earth -Science and Environment fortnightly    

Indian Academy of Sciences -Current Science & Resonance

Special Collections

Reference Books   - 5358

Project Books        -  469

Rare Collections

The library took the initiative in 2012-13 to identify rare collections including several Sanskrit books, Home Science books and

Dictionaries, and the work continued for a period of five years. The initiative was publicised in the Prajavani newspaper on    

27-08-2012, in an article – Kapatinolagina Rathnagalu (Gems in the Cupboard). Presently 677 books are maintained in the

Rare Collections section, and are displayed for the benefit of staff and students. 

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